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§ 1471b.
Determination of need for assistance
Determination and request by Governor or county committee
Whenever the Governor of a State determines that a livestock emergency due to a natural disaster exists in the State, or a county committee established under section 590h(b) of title 16 determines that such an emergency exists in the county, the Governor or county committee may submit a request for a determination by the Secretary of a livestock emergency in such State or county and for emergency livestock feed assistance under this subchapter.
The request of a Governor or county committee for a livestock emergency determination and for emergency livestock feed assistance shall include, to the extent feasible, recommendations to the Secretary of those options that will most fully use feed available through local sources.
Consideration for assistance without request

The Secretary may consider a State, county, or area in a State for a livestock emergency determination and emergency livestock feed assistance under this subchapter whether or not a request for assistance is submitted, as described in subsection (a).

Prompt action by Secretary

The Secretary shall act on requests for determinations under subsection (a) and make final determinations on whether a livestock emergency exists in any State, county, or area, under regulations that ensure thorough and prompt action (not later than 30 days after receipt of any such request) and provide for appropriate notification procedures.

Eligibility under prior programs; availability of other programs

Notwithstanding the preceding provisions of this section, any State, county, or area determined eligible, due to drought or related conditions in 1988, for the emergency feed program or emergency feed assistance program conducted prior to the effective date of this subchapter shall continue to be eligible for such programs and may be eligible for other programs under this subchapter for such drought or related condition. As soon as practicable after the effective date of this subchapter, the Secretary shall determine whether any of the programs described in section 1471d of this title, other than the emergency feed program under section 1471d(a)(4) of this title and the emergency feed assistance program under section 1471d(a)(2) of this title, or in section 1471e of this title should be made available in such State, county, or area. If the Secretary makes such determination, the Secretary shall make such programs immediately available to livestock producers in the State, county, or area.

(Oct. 31, 1949, ch. 792, title VI, § 604, as added Pub. L. 100–387, title I, § 101(a), Aug. 11, 1988, 102 Stat. 927.)
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