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§ 1379b.
Wheat marketing allocation; amount; national allocation percentage; commercial and noncommercial wheat-producing areas

During any marketing year for which a marketing quota is in effect for wheat, beginning with the marketing year for the 1964 crop, a wheat marketing allocation program shall be in effect as provided in this part. Whenever a wheat marketing allocation program is in effect for any marketing year the Secretary shall determine (1) the wheat marketing allocation for such year which shall be the amount of wheat which in determining the national marketing quota for such marketing year he estimated would be used during such year for food products for consumption in the United States, and that portion of the amount of wheat which in determining such quota he estimated would be exported in the form of wheat or products thereof during the marketing year on which the Secretary determines that marketing certificates shall be issued to producers in order to achieve, insofar as practicable, the price and income objectives of this part, and (2) the national allocation percentage which shall be the percentage which the national marketing allocation is of the national marketing quota. Each farm shall receive a wheat marketing allocation for such marketing year equal to the number of bushels obtained by multiplying the number of acres in the farm acreage allotment for wheat by the projected farm yield, and multiplying the resulting number of bushels by the national allocation percentage. If a noncommercial wheat-producing area is established for any marketing year, farms in such area shall be given wheat marketing allocations which are determined by the Secretary to be fair and reasonable in relation to the wheat marketing allocation given producers in the commercial wheat-producing area.

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