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§ 1632a.
Agricultural marketing resource center pilot project
The Secretary shall not use more than 2.5 percent of the funds made available to carry out the Local Agriculture Market Program established under section 1627c of this title to establish a pilot project (to be known as the “Agricultural Marketing Resource Center”) at an eligible institution described in subsection (b) that will—
develop a resource center with electronic capabilities to coordinate and provide to independent producers and processors (as determined by the Secretary) of value-added agricultural commodities and products of agricultural commodities information regarding research, business, legal, financial, or logistical assistance; and
develop a strategy to establish a nationwide market information and coordination system.
Eligible institution
To be eligible to receive funding to establish the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, an applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary—
the capacity and technical expertise to provide the services described in subsection (a)(1);
an established plan outlining support of the applicant in the agricultural community; and
the availability of resources (in cash or in kind) of definite value to sustain the Center following establishment.
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