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§ 5936a.
Support for farm stress programs
In general
The Secretary shall make grants to State departments of agriculture (or such equivalent department) to expand or sustain stress assistance programs for individuals who are engaged in farming, ranching, and other agriculture-related occupations, including—
programs that meet the criteria specified in section 5936(b)(1) of this title; and
any State initiatives carried out as of December 27, 2020, that provide stress assistance for such individuals.
Grant timing and amount
In making grants under subsection (a), not later than 60 days after December 27, 2020, and subject to subsection (c), the Secretary shall—
make awards to States submitting State plans that meet the criteria specified in paragraph (1) of such subsection within the time period specified by the Secretary; and
of the amounts made available under subsection (f), allocate among such States, an amount to be determined by the Secretary, which in no case may exceed $500,000 for each State.
State plan
In general
A State department of agriculture seeking a grant under subsection (a) shall submit to the Secretary a State plan to expand or sustain stress assistance programs described in that subsection that includes—
a description of each activity and the estimated amount of funding to support each program and activity carried out through such a program;
an estimated timeline for the operation of each such program and activity;
the total amount of funding sought; and
an assurance that the State department of agriculture will comply with the reporting requirement under subsection (e).

Not later than 20 days after December 27, 2020, the Secretary shall issue guidance for States with respect to the submission of a State plan under paragraph (1) and the allocation criteria under subsection (b).

If, after the first grants are awarded pursuant to allocation under subsection (b), any funds made available under subsection (f) to carry out this subsection remain unobligated, the Secretary shall—
inform States that submit plans as described in subsection (b), of such availability; and
reallocate such funds among such States, as the Secretary determines to be appropriate and equitable.
The Secretary may issue guidance to encourage State departments of agriculture to use funds provided under this section to support programs described in subsection (a) that are operated by—
Indian tribes (as defined in section 5304 of title 25);
State cooperative extension services; and
nongovernmental organizations.
Not later than 180 days after the COVID–19 public health emergency ends, each State receiving additional grants under subsection (b) shall submit a report to the Secretary describing—
the activities conducted using such funds;
the amount of funds used to support each such activity; and
the estimated number of individuals served by each such activity.

Out of the funds of the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, there is appropriated to carry out this section $28,000,000, to remain available until expended.

State defined
In this section, the term “State” means—
a State;
the District of Columbia;
the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; and
any other territory or possession of the United States.
(Pub. L. 116–260, div. N, title VII, § 766, Dec. 27, 2020, 134 Stat. 2118.)
cite as: 7 USC 5936a