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§ 6521.

Not later than 540 days after November 28, 1990, the Secretary shall issue proposed regulations to carry out this chapter.

Assistance to State
Technical and other assistance

The Secretary shall provide technical, administrative, and National Institute of Food and Agriculture assistance to assist States in the implementation of an organic certification program under this chapter.

Financial assistance

The Secretary may provide financial assistance to any State that implements an organic certification program under this chapter.

Access to data documentation systems

The Secretary shall have access to available data from cross-border documentation systems administered by other Federal agencies, including the Automated Commercial Environment system of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In general

Not later than March 1, 2020, and annually thereafter through March 1, 2023, the Secretary shall submit to Congress, and make publicly available on the website of the Department of Agriculture, a report describing national organic program activities with respect to all domestic and overseas investigations and compliance actions taken pursuant to this chapter during the preceding year.


The data described in paragraph (1) shall be broken down by agricultural product, quantity, value, and month.


Any data determined by the Secretary to be confidential business information shall not be provided in the report under paragraph (1).

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