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§ 1311.
For the purposes of this chapter—
The term “antitrust law” includes:
Each provision of law defined as one of the antitrust laws by section 12 of this title; and
Any statute enacted on and after September 19, 1962, by the Congress which prohibits, or makes available to the United States in any court of the United States any civil remedy with respect to any restraint upon or monopolization of interstate or foreign trade or commerce;
The term “antitrust order” means any final order, decree, or judgment of any court of the United States, duly entered in any case or proceeding arising under any antitrust law;
The term “antitrust investigation” means any inquiry conducted by any antitrust investigator for the purpose of ascertaining whether any person is or has been engaged in any antitrust violation or in any activities in preparation for a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or similar transaction, which, if consummated, may result in an antitrust violation;
The term “antitrust violation” means any act or omission in violation of any antitrust law, any antitrust order or, with respect to the International Antitrust Enforcement Assistance Act of 1994 [15 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.], any of the foreign antitrust laws;
The term “antitrust investigator” means any attorney or investigator employed by the Department of Justice who is charged with the duty of enforcing or carrying into effect any antitrust law;
The term “person” means any natural person, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, including any person acting under color or authority of State law;
The term “documentary material” includes the original or any copy of any book, record, report, memorandum, paper, communication, tabulation, chart, or other document, and any product of discovery;
The term “custodian” means the custodian or any deputy custodian designated under section 1313(a) of this title;
The term “product of discovery” includes without limitation the original or duplicate of any deposition, interrogatory, document, thing, result of the inspection of land or other property, examination, or admission obtained by any method of discovery in any judicial litigation or in any administrative litigation of an adversarial nature; any digest, analysis, selection, compilation, or any derivation thereof; and any index or manner of access thereto; and
The term “agent” includes any person retained by the Department of Justice in connection with the enforcement of the antitrust laws.
The term “foreign antitrust laws” has the meaning given such term in section 12 of the International Antitrust Enforcement Assistance Act of 1994 [15 U.S.C. 6211].
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