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§ 697b.
Pooling of debentures
Issuance; debentures composing trust or pool

The Administration is authorized to issue trust certificates representing ownership of all or a fractional part of debentures issued by State or local development companies and guaranteed by the Administration under this chapter: Provided, That such trust certificates shall be based on and backed by a trust or pool approved by the Administration and composed solely of guaranteed debentures.

Terms and conditions of guarantee; payment of principal and interest

The Administration is authorized, upon such terms and conditions as are deemed appropriate, to guarantee the timely payment of the principal of and interest on trust certificates issued by the Administration or its agent for purposes of this section. Such guarantee shall be limited to the extent of principal and interest on the guaranteed debentures which compose the trust or pool. In the event that a debenture in such trust or pool is prepaid, either voluntarily or in the event of default, the guarantee of timely payment of principal and interest on the trust certificates shall be reduced in proportion to the amount of principal and interest such prepaid debenture represents in the trust or pool. Interest on prepaid or defaulted debentures shall accrue and be guaranteed by the Administration only through the date of payment on the guarantee. During the term of the trust certificate, it may be called for redemption due to prepayment or default of all debentures constituting the pool.

Full faith and credit of United States

The full faith and credit of the United States is pledged to the payment of all amounts which may be required to be paid under any guarantee of such trust certificates issued by the Administration or its agent pursuant to this section.

Collection of fees

The Administration shall not collect any fee for any guarantee under this section: Provided, That nothing herein shall preclude any agent of the Administration from collecting a fee approved by the Administration for the functions described in subsection (f)(2) of this section.

Subrogation rights; ownership rights in debentures
In the event the Administration pays a claim under a guarantee issued under this section, it shall be subrogated fully to the rights satisfied by such payment.
No State or local law, and no Federal law, shall preclude or limit the exercise by the Administration of its ownership rights in the debentures constituting the trust or pool against which the trust certificates are issued.
Central registration requirements; regulation of brokers and dealers; electronic registration
The Administration shall—
provide for a central registration of all trust certificates sold pursuant to this section;
contract with an agent to carry out on behalf of the Administration the central registration functions of this section and the issuance of trust certificates to facilitate poolings; such agent shall provide a fidelity bond or insurance in such amounts as the Administration determines to be necessary to fully protect the interests of the Government;
prior to any sale, require the seller to disclose to a purchaser of a trust certificate issued pursuant to this section, information on the terms, conditions, and yield of such instrument; and
have the authority to regulate brokers and dealers in trust certificates sold pursuant to this section.
Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit the utilization of a book-entry or other electronic form of registration for trust certificates.
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