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§ 1004.
Conditions for Federal assistance
The Secretary shall require as a condition to providing Federal assistance for the installation of works of improvement that local organizations shall—
acquire, or with respect to interests in land to be acquired by condemnation provide assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that they will acquire, without cost to the Federal Government from funds appropriated for the purposes of this chapter, such land, easements, or rights-of-way as will be needed in connection with works of improvement installed with Federal assistance: Provided, That when a local organization agrees to operate and maintain any reservoir or other area included in a plan for public fish and wildlife or recreational development, the Secretary shall be authorized to bear not to exceed one-half of the costs of (a) the land, easements, or rights-of-way acquired or to be acquired by the local organization for such reservoir or other area, and (b) minimum basic facilities needed for public health and safety, access to, and use of such reservoir or other area for such purposes: Provided further, That the Secretary shall be authorized to participate in recreational development in any watershed project only to the extent that the need therefor is demonstrated in accordance with standards established by him, taking into account the anticipated man-days of use of the projected recreational development and giving consideration to the availability within the region of existing water-based outdoor recreational developments: Provided further, That the Secretary shall be authorized to participate in not more than one recreational development in a watershed project containing less than seventy-five thousand acres, or two such developments in a project containing between seventy-five thousand and one hundred and fifty thousand acres, or three such developments in projects exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand acres: Provided further, That when the Secretary and a local organization have agreed that the immediate acquisition by the local organization of land, easements, or rights-of-way is advisable for the preservation of sites for works of improvement included in a plan from encroachment by residential, commercial, industrial, or other development, the Secretary shall be authorized to advance to the local organization from funds appropriated for construction of works of improvement the amounts required for the acquisition of such land, easements or rights-of-way; and, except where such costs are to be borne by the Secretary, such advance shall be repaid by the local organization, with interest, prior to construction of the works of improvement, for credit to such construction funds: Provided further, That the Secretary shall be authorized to bear an amount not to exceed one-half of the costs of the land, easements, or rights-of-way acquired or to be acquired by the local organization for mitigation of fish and wildlife habitat losses, and that such acquisition is not limited to the confines of the watershed project boundaries;
assume (A) such proportionate share, as is determined by the Secretary to be equitable in consideration of national needs and assistance authorized for similar purposes under other Federal programs, of the costs of installing any works of improvement, involving Federal assistance (excluding engineering costs), which is applicable to the agricultural phases of the conservation, development, utilization, and disposal of water or for fish and wildlife development, recreational development, ground water recharge, water quality management, or the conservation and proper utilization of land: Provided, That works of improvement for water quality management shall consist primarily of water storage capacity in reservoirs for regulation of streamflow, except that any such storage and water releases shall not be provided as a substitute for adequate treatment or other methods of controlling waste at the source, and shall be consistent with standards and regulations adopted by the Water Resources Council on Federal cost sharing for water quality management, and (B) all of the cost of installing any portion of such works applicable to other purposes except that any part of the construction cost (including engineering costs) applicable to flood prevention and features relating thereto shall be borne by the Federal Government and paid for by the Secretary out of funds appropriated for the purposes of this chapter: Provided, That, in addition to and without limitation on the authority of the Secretary to make loans or advancements under section 1006a of this title
make arrangements satisfactory to the Secretary for defraying costs of operating and maintaining such works of improvement, in accordance with regulations presented by the Secretary of Agriculture;
acquire, or provide assurance that landowners or water users have acquired, such water rights, pursuant to State law, as may be needed in the installation and operation of the work of improvement;
obtain agreements to carry out recommended soil conservation measures and proper farm plans from owners of not less than 50 per centum of the land situated in the drainage area above each retention reservoir to be installed with Federal assistance; and
submit a plan of repayment satisfactory to the Secretary for any loan or advancement made under the provisions of section 1006a of this title.
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