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§ 1872.
Interagency trade organization
Establishment; functions; membership and composition; participation of representatives of other agencies; meetings
The President shall establish an interagency organization.
The functions of the organization are—
to assist, and make recommendations to, the President in carrying out the functions vested in him by the trade laws and to advise the United States Trade Representative (hereinafter in this section referred to as the “Trade Representative”) in carrying out the functions set forth in section 2171 of this title;
to assist the President, and advise the Trade Representative, with respect to the development and implementation of the international trade policy objectives of the United States; and
to advise the President and the Trade Representative with respect to the relationship between the international trade policy objectives of the United States and other major policy areas which may significantly affect the overall international trade policy and trade competitiveness of the United States.
The interagency organization shall be composed of the following:
The Trade Representative, who shall be chairperson.
The Secretary of Commerce.
The Secretary of State.
The Secretary of the Treasury.
The Secretary of Agriculture.
The Secretary of Labor.
The Trade Representative may invite representatives from other agencies, as appropriate, to attend particular meetings if subject matters of specific functional interest to such agencies are under consideration. It shall meet at such times and with respect to such matters as the President or the Chairman shall direct.
In assisting the President, the organization shall—
make recommendations to the President on basic policy issues arising in the administration of the trade agreements program,
make recommendations to the President as to what action, if any, he should take on reports submitted to him by the United States International Trade Commission under section 2251(d) 1
 See References in Text note below.
of this title,
advise the President of the results of hearings held pursuant to section 2412(b)(2) 1 of this title, and recommend appropriate action with respect thereto, and
perform such other functions with respect to the trade agreements program as the President may from time to time designate.
In carrying out its functions under this subsection, the organization shall take into account the advice of the congressional advisers and private sector advisory committees, as well as that of any committee or other body established to advise the department, agency, or office which a member of the organization heads.
Use of resources of agencies; procedures and committees

The organization shall, to the maximum extent practicable, draw upon the resources of the agencies represented in the organization, as well as such other agencies as it may determine, including the United States International Trade Commission. In addition, the President may establish by regulation such procedures and committees as he may determine to be necessary to enable the organization to provide for the conduct of hearings pursuant to section 2412(b)(2) of this title, and for the carrying out of other functions assigned to the organization pursuant to this section.

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