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§ 2254.
Monitoring, modification, and termination of action
So long as any action taken under section 2253 of this title remains in effect, the Commission shall monitor developments with respect to the domestic industry, including the progress and specific efforts made by workers and firms in the domestic industry to make a positive adjustment to import competition.
If the initial period during which the action taken under section 2253 of this title is in effect exceeds 3 years, or if an extension of such action exceeds 3 years, the Commission shall submit a report on the results of the monitoring under paragraph (1) to the President and to the Congress not later than the date that is the mid-point of the initial period, and of each such extension, during which the action is in effect.
In the course of preparing each report under paragraph (2), the Commission shall hold a hearing at which interested persons shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence, and to be heard.
Upon request of the President, the Commission shall advise the President of its judgment as to the probable economic effect on the industry concerned of any reduction, modification, or termination of the action taken under section 2253 of this title which is under consideration.
Reduction, modification, and termination of action
Action taken under section 2253 of this title may be reduced, modified, or terminated by the President (but not before the President receives the report required under subsection (a)(2)(A)) if the President—
after taking into account any report or advice submitted by the Commission under subsection (a) and after seeking the advice of the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Labor, determines, on the basis that either—
the domestic industry has not made adequate efforts to make a positive adjustment to import competition, or
the effectiveness of the action taken under section 2253 of this title has been impaired by changed economic circumstances,
that changed circumstances warrant such reduction, or termination; or
determines, after a majority of the representatives of the domestic industry submits to the President a petition requesting such reduction, modification, or termination on such basis, that the domestic industry has made a positive adjustment to import competition.
Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the President is authorized to take such additional action under section 2253 of this title as may be necessary to eliminate any circumvention of any action previously taken under such section.
Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the President may, after receipt of a Commission determination under section 3538(a)(4) of this title and consulting with the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Finance of the Senate, reduce, modify, or terminate action taken under section 2253 of this title.
Extension of action
The Commission shall publish notice of the commencement of any proceeding under this subsection in the Federal Register and shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, hold a public hearing at which the Commission shall afford interested parties and consumers an opportunity to be present, to present evidence, and to respond to the presentations of other parties and consumers, and otherwise to be heard.
The Commission shall transmit to the President a report on its investigation and determination under this subsection not later than 60 days before the action under section 2253 of this title is to terminate, unless the President specifies a different date.
Evaluation of effectiveness of action
After any action taken under section 2253 of this title has terminated, the Commission shall evaluate the effectiveness of the actions in facilitating positive adjustment by the domestic industry to import competition, consistent with the reasons set out by the President in the report submitted to the Congress under section 2253(b) of this title.
During the course of the evaluation conducted under paragraph (1), the Commission shall, after reasonable public notice, hold a hearing on the effectiveness of the action. All interested persons shall have the opportunity to attend such hearing and to present evidence or testimony at such hearing.
A report on the evaluation made under paragraph (1) and the hearings held under paragraph (2) shall be submitted by the Commission to the President and to the Congress by no later than the 180th day after the day on which the actions taken under section 2253 of this title terminated.
Other provisions
Action by the President under this part may be taken without regard to the provisions of section 2136(a) of this title but only after consideration of the relation of such actions to the international obligations of the United States.
If the Commission treats as the domestic industry production located in a major geographic area of the United States under section 2252(c)(4)(C) of this title, then the President shall take into account the geographic concentration of domestic production and of imports in that area in taking any action authorized under paragraph (1).
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