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§ 105.

Whenever the witness resides outside the county in which the hearing occurs any party to the proceeding may take the testimony of such witness in the county of such witness’s residence in the form of depositions by giving ten days’ written notice of the time and place of taking such depositions to the opposite party or parties. The depositions may be taken before any United States magistrate judge, notary public, judge, or clerk of a court of record. Subpoenas for witnesses before the officer taking depositions may issue from the office of the officer designated by the Secretary of the Interior or may be issued by the officer taking the depositions, and disobedience thereof, as defined in section 104 of this title, shall also be punished; and the witness shall receive the same fees and mileage and be subject to the same penalties in all respects as in case of violation of a subpoena to appear before the officer designated by the Secretary of the Interior and subject to the same limitations. The fees of the officer taking the depositions shall be the same as those allowed in the State or Territorial courts, and shall be paid by the party taking the deposition, and an itemized account of the fees shall be made by the officer taking the depositions and attached to the depositions.

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