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§ 10101.
Rail transportation policy
In regulating the railroad industry, it is the policy of the United States Government—
to allow, to the maximum extent possible, competition and the demand for services to establish reasonable rates for transportation by rail;
to minimize the need for Federal regulatory control over the rail transportation system and to require fair and expeditious regulatory decisions when regulation is required;
to promote a safe and efficient rail transportation system by allowing rail carriers to earn adequate revenues, as determined by the Board;
to ensure the development and continuation of a sound rail transportation system with effective competition among rail carriers and with other modes, to meet the needs of the public and the national defense;
to foster sound economic conditions in transportation and to ensure effective competition and coordination between rail carriers and other modes;
to maintain reasonable rates where there is an absence of effective competition and where rail rates provide revenues which exceed the amount necessary to maintain the rail system and to attract capital;
to reduce regulatory barriers to entry into and exit from the industry;
to operate transportation facilities and equipment without detriment to the public health and safety;
to encourage honest and efficient management of railroads;
to require rail carriers, to the maximum extent practicable, to rely on individual rate increases, and to limit the use of increases of general applicability;
to encourage fair wages and safe and suitable working conditions in the railroad industry;
to prohibit predatory pricing and practices, to avoid undue concentrations of market power, and to prohibit unlawful discrimination;
to ensure the availability of accurate cost information in regulatory proceedings, while minimizing the burden on rail carriers of developing and maintaining the capability of providing such information;
to encourage and promote energy conservation; and
to provide for the expeditious handling and resolution of all proceedings required or permitted to be brought under this part.
(Added Pub. L. 104–88, title I, § 102(a), Dec. 29, 1995, 109 Stat. 805.)
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