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§ 24313.
Rail safety system program
In consultation with rail labor organizations, Amtrak shall maintain a rail safety system program for employees working on property owned by Amtrak. The program shall be a model for other rail carriers to use in developing safety programs. The program shall include—
periodic analyses of accident information, including primary and secondary causes;
periodic evaluations of the activities of the program, particularly specific steps taken in response to an accident;
periodic reports on amounts spent for occupational health and safety activities of the program;
periodic reports on reduced costs and personal injuries because of accident prevention activities of the program;
periodic reports on direct accident costs, including claims related to accidents; and
reports and evaluations of other information Amtrak considers appropriate.
(Pub. L. 103–272, § 1(e), July 5, 1994, 108 Stat. 917.)
cite as: 49 USC 24313