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§ 8147.
Employees’ Compensation Fund
There is in the Treasury of the United States the Employees’ Compensation Fund which consists of sums that Congress, from time to time, may appropriate for or transfer to it, and amounts that otherwise accrue to it under this subchapter or other statute. The Fund is available without time limit for the payment of compensation and other benefits and expenses, except administrative expenses, authorized by this subchapter or any extension or application thereof, except as otherwise provided by this subchapter or other statute. The Secretary of Labor shall submit annually to the Office of Management and Budget estimates of appropriations necessary for the maintenance of the Fund. For the purpose of this subsection, “administrative expenses” does not include expenses for legal services performed by or for the Secretary under sections 8131 and 8132 of this title.
Before August 15 of each year, the Secretary shall furnish to each agency and instrumentality of the United States having an employee who is or may be entitled to compensation benefits under this subchapter or any extension or application thereof a statement showing the total cost of benefits and other payments made from the Employees’ Compensation Fund during the preceding July 1 through June 30 expense period on account of the injury or death of employees or individuals under the jurisdiction of the agency or instrumentality. Each agency and instrumentality shall include in its annual budget estimates for the fiscal year beginning in the next calendar year a request for an appropriation in an amount equal to the costs. Sums appropriated pursuant to the request shall be deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the Fund within 30 days after they are available. An agency or instrumentality not dependent on an annual appropriation shall make the deposit required by this subsection from funds under its control during the first fifteen days of October following the furnishing of the statement. If an agency or instrumentality (or part or function thereof) is transferred to another agency or instrumentality, the cost of compensation benefits and other expenses paid from the Fund on account of the injury or death of employees of the transferred agency or instrumentality (or part or function) shall be included in costs of the receiving agency or instrumentality.
In addition to the contributions for the maintenance of the Employees’ Compensation Fund required by this section, the United States Postal Service, or a mixed ownership corporation as defined by section 9101(2) of title 31, or any other corporation or agency or instrumentality (or activity thereof) which is required by statute to submit an annual budget pursuant to or as provided by chapter 91 of title 31, shall pay an additional amount for its fair share of the cost of administration of this subchapter as determined by the Secretary. With respect to these corporations, agencies, and instrumentalities, the charges billed by the Secretary under this section shall include an additional amount for these costs, which shall be paid into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts from the sources authorized and in the manner otherwise provided by this section.
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