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§ 1141h.
Avoidance of duplication; cooperation with other governmental establishments; obtaining information and data; cooperation with States, Territories, and agencies or subdivisions thereof; indicating research problems; transfer of offices, functions, etc.
The administration shall, in cooperation with any governmental establishment in the Executive branch of the Government, including any field service thereof at home or abroad, avail itself of the services and facilities thereof in order to avoid preventable expense or duplication of effort.
The President may by Executive order direct any such governmental establishment to furnish the administration such information and data as such governmental establishment may have pertaining to the functions of the administration; except that the President shall not direct that the administration be furnished with any information or data supplied by any person in confidence to any governmental establishment in pursuance of any provision of law or of any agreement with a governmental establishment.
The administration may cooperate with any State or Territory, or department, agency, or political subdivision thereof, or with any person.
The administration shall, through the governor, indicate to the appropriate bureau or division of the Department of Agriculture any special problem on which a research is needed to aid in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.
The President is authorized, by Executive order, to transfer to or retransfer from the jurisdiction and control of the administration the whole or any part of (1) any office, bureau, service, division, commission, or board in the Executive branch of the Government engaged in scientific or extension work, or the furnishing of services, with respect to the marketing of agricultural commodities, (2) its functions pertaining to such work or services, and (3) the rec­ords, property, including office equipment, personnel, and unexpended balances of appropriation, pertaining to such work or services.
(June 15, 1929, ch. 24, § 13, 46 Stat. 17; Ex. Ord. No. 6084, Mar. 27, 1933.)
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