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§ 802.
Information to accompany application for license; landowner notification
Each applicant for a license under this chapter shall submit to the commission—
Such maps, plans, specifications, and estimates of cost as may be required for a full understanding of the proposed project. Such maps, plans, and specifications when approved by the commission shall be made a part of the license; and thereafter no change shall be made in said maps, plans, or specifications until such changes shall have been approved and made a part of such license by the commission.
Satisfactory evidence that the applicant has complied with the requirements of the laws of the State or States within which the proposed project is to be located with respect to bed and banks and to the appropriation, diversion, and use of water for power purposes and with respect to the right to engage in the business of developing, transmitting and distributing power, and in any other business necessary to effect the purposes of a license under this chapter.
 See Codification note below.
Such additional information as the commission may require.
Upon the filing of any application for a license (other than a license under section 808 of this title) the applicant shall make a good faith effort to notify each of the following by certified mail:
Any person who is an owner of record of any interest in the property within the bounds of the project.
Any Federal, State, municipal or other local governmental agency likely to be interested in or affected by such application.
(June 10, 1920, ch. 285, pt. I, § 9, 41 Stat. 1068; renumbered pt. I, Aug. 26, 1935, ch. 687, title II, § 212, 49 Stat. 847; Pub. L. 99–495, § 14, Oct. 16, 1986, 100 Stat. 1257.)
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