United States Code

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§ 460u–16.
Road construction cooperative agreements with landowners north of Little Calumet River; prevention of soil erosion; minimization of aural and visual impact

The Secretary shall enter into a cooperative agreement with the landowner of those lands north of the Little Calumet River between the Penn Central Railroad bridge within area II–E and “Crossing A” within area IV–C on the map referred to in section 460u–3 of this title, dated October 1976, and numbered 626–9100.1

 So in original. Probably should be “September 1976, and numbered 626–91007.”
Such agreement shall provide that any roadway constructed by the landowner south of United States Route 12 within such vicinity shall include grading, landscaping, and plantings of vegetation designed to prevent soil erosion and to minimize the aural and visual impacts of said construction, and of traffic on such roadway, as perceived from the Little Calumet River.

(Pub. L. 89–761, § 16, formerly § 17, as added and renumbered Pub. L. 94–549, § 1(8), (9), Oct. 18, 1976, 90 Stat. 2531, 2533; amended Pub. L. 99–583, § 1(g), Oct. 29, 1986, 100 Stat. 3320.)
cite as: 16 USC 460u-16