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§ 460y–1.
Management of lands
Utilization and development of resources

In the management of lands in the area, the Secretary shall utilize and develop the resources in such a manner as to satisfy all legitimate requirements for the available resources as fully as possible without undue denial of any of such requirements and without undue impairment of any of the resources, taking into consideration total requirement and total availability of resources, irrespective of ownership or location.

Plan of land use, development, and management
The policy set forth in subsection (a) implies—
that there will be a comprehensive, balanced, and coordinated plan of land use, development, and management of the Area, and that such plan will be based on an inventory and evaluation of the available resources and requirements for such resources, and on the topography and other features of the Area.
that the plan will indicate the primary or dominant uses which will be permitted on various portions of the Area.
that the plan will be based on a weighing of the relative values to be obtained by utilization and development of the resources for alternative possible uses, and will be made with the object of obtaining the greatest values on a continuing basis, and that due consideration will be given to intangible values as well as to tangible values such as dollar return or production per unit.
that secondary or collateral uses may be permitted to the extent that such uses are compatible with and do not unduly impair the primary or dominant uses, according to a seasonal schedule or otherwise.
that management of the renewable resources will be such as to obtain a sustained, regular, or periodic yield or supply of products or services without impairment of the productivity, or the enjoyment or carrying capacity of the land.
that the plan will be reviewed and reevaluated periodically.
that the resources to be considered are all the natural resources including but not limited to the soils, bodies of water including the shorelines thereof, forest growth including timber, vegetative cover including forage, fish, and other wildlife, and geological resources including minerals.
that the uses to be considered are all of the legitimate uses of such resources including but not limited to all forms of outdoor recreation including scenic enjoyment, hunting, fishing, hiking, riding, camping, picknicking,1
 So in original. Probably should be “picnicking,”.
boating, and swimming, all uses of water resources, watershed management, production of timber and other forest producers, grazing and other agricultural uses, fish and wildlife management, mining, preservation of ecological balance, scientific study, occupancy and access.
(Pub. L. 91–476, § 2, Oct. 21, 1970, 84 Stat. 1067.)
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