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§ 544i.
Economic development
Economic development plan

Based on the Economic Opportunity Study and other appropriate information, each State, in consultation with the counties and the Commission, shall develop a plan for economic development projects for which grants under this section may be used in a manner consistent with sections 544 to 544p of this title.

Funds provided to States for grants

Upon certification of the management plan, and receipt of a plan referred to in subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary shall provide $5,000,000 to each State which each State shall use to make grants and loans for economic development projects that further the purposes of sections 544 to 544p of this title.

Conditions of grants
Each State making grants under this section shall require as a condition of a grant that—
all activities undertaken under the grant are certified by the Commission as being consistent with the purposes of sections 544 to 544p of this title, the management plan, and land use ordinances adopted pursuant to sections 544 to 544p of this title;
grants and loans are not used to relocate a business from one community to another;
grants and loans are not used for program administration; and
grants and loans are used only in counties which have in effect land use ordinances found consistent by the Commission and concurred on by the Secretary pursuant to section 544f of this title.
Each State shall—
prepare and provide the Secretary with an annual report to the Secretary on the use of the funds made available under this section;
make available to the Secretary and to the Commission, upon request, all accounts, financial records, and other information related to grants and loans made available pursuant to this section; and
as loans are repaid, make additional grants and loans with the money made available for obligation by such repayments.
(Pub. L. 99–663, § 11, Nov. 17, 1986, 100 Stat. 4292.)
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