United States Code

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§ 3454.
Powers of the Secretary
In general
In carrying out this subchapter, the Secretary may—
provide technical assistance to any council to assist in developing and implementing an area plan for a designated area;
cooperate with other departments and agencies of the Federal Government, States, local units of government, local Indian tribes, and local nonprofit organizations in conducting surveys and inventories, disseminating information, and developing area plans;
assist in carrying out an area plan approved by the Secretary for any designated area by providing technical assistance and financial assistance to any council; and
enter into agreements with councils in accordance with section 3455 of this title.
In general

To improve the provision of technical assistance to councils under this subchapter, the Secretary shall designate for each council an individual to be the coordinator for the council.


A coordinator for a council shall be directly responsible for the provision of technical assistance to the council.

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cite as: 16 USC 3454