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§ 3871a.
In this subchapter:
Covered program
The term “covered program” means the following:
The agricultural conservation easement program.
The environmental quality incentives program.
The conservation stewardship program, not including the grassland conservation initiative under section 3839aa–25 of this title.
The healthy forests reserve program established under section 6571 of this title.
The conservation reserve program established under subpart B of part I of subchapter IV.
The programs established by the Secretary to carry out the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (16 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.), except for any program established by the Secretary to carry out section 14 (16 U.S.C. 1012) of that Act.
Eligible activity

The term “eligible activity” means a practice, activity, agreement, easement, or related conservation measure that is available under the statutory authority for a covered program.

Eligible land

The term “eligible land” means any agricultural or nonindustrial private forest land or associated land on which the Secretary determines an eligible activity would help achieve conservation benefits.

Eligible partner
The term “eligible partner” means any of the following:
An agricultural or silvicultural producer association or other group of producers.
A State or unit of local government.
An Indian tribe.
A farmer cooperative.
A water district, irrigation district, acequia, rural water district or association, or other organization with specific water delivery authority to producers on agricultural land.
A municipal water or wastewater treatment entity.
An institution of higher education.
An organization or entity with an established history of working cooperatively with producers on agricultural land, as determined by the Secretary, to address—
local conservation priorities related to agricultural production, wildlife habitat development, or nonindustrial private forest land management; or
critical watershed-scale soil erosion, water quality, sediment reduction, or other natural resource issues.
An organization described in section 3865a(3)(B) of this title.
A conservation district.
Partnership agreement

The term “partnership agreement” means the programmatic agreement entered into between the Secretary and an eligible partner, subject to the terms and conditions under section 3871b of this title.


The term “program” means the regional conservation partnership program established by this subchapter.

Program contract
In general

The term “program contract” means the contract between the Secretary and a producer entered into under this subchapter.


The term “program contract” does not include a contract under a covered program.

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