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§ 674a.
Sullys Hill National Park; transfer of control; change of name to White Horse Hill National Game Preserve; boundaries; use by public; hunting

The Secretary of the Interior shall administer Sullys Hill National Park, together with all improvements thereon, in the State of North Dakota, as a big game preserve, refuge, and breeding grounds for wild animals and birds, which shall be known as the White Horse Hill National Game Preserve and shall embrace within its boundaries the lands described in the proclamation of June 2, 1904, establishing Sullys Hill Park, together with all unsurveyed or public lands uncovered by the recession of the waters of Devils Lake in front of said reservation, the preserve to be bounded on the north and northwest by the waters of Devils Lake, and on the west and southwest by a stream which flows through lands uncovered by the recession of the waters of Devils Lake, approximately midway between lots 10 and 11, section 17; lots 1, 2, 6, and 8, section 16; and lot 2, section 9; lots 3, 4, and 5, section 16, township 152 north, range 65 west, fifth principal meridian, as meandered on the official plats of survey approved June 23, 1904, and June 2, 1927: Provided, That the said game preserve is to be made available to the public for recreational purposes insofar as consistent with the use of this area as a game preserve: Provided further, That hunting shall not be permitted on said game preserve.

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