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§ 1485.
Requirement; form and contents
Every importer of record making an entry under the provisions of section 1484 of this title shall make and file or transmit electronically therewith, in a form and manner to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, a declaration under oath, stating—
Whether the merchandise is imported in pursuance of a purchase or an agreement to purchase, or whether it is imported otherwise than in pursuance of a purchase or agreement to purchase;
That the prices set forth in the invoice are true, in the case of merchandise purchased or agreed to be purchased; or in the case of merchandise secured otherwise than by purchase or agreement to purchase, that the statements in such invoice as to value or price are true to the best of his knowledge and belief;
That all other statements in the invoice or other documents filed with the entry, or in the entry itself, are true and correct; and
That he will produce at once to the appropriate customs officer any invoice, paper, letter, document, or information received showing that any such prices or statements are not true or correct.
Books and periodicals

The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to prescribe regulations for one declaration in the case of books, magazines, newspapers, and periodicals published and imported in successive parts, numbers, or volumes, and entitled to free entry.


In the event that an entry is made by an agent under the provisions of section 1484 of this title and such agent is not in possession of such declaration of the importer of record, such agent shall give a bond to produce such declaration.

Liability of importer of record for increased duties

An importer of record shall not be liable for any additional or increased duties if (1) he declares at the time of entry that he is not the actual owner of the merchandise, (2) he furnishes the name and address of such owner, and (3) within ninety days from the date of entry he produces a declaration of such owner conditioned that he will pay all additional and increased duties, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. Such owner shall possess all the rights of an importer of record.

Separate forms for purchase and nonpurchase importations

The Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe separate forms for the declaration in the case of merchandise which is imported in pursuance of a purchase or agreement to purchase and merchandise which is imported otherwise than in pursuance of a purchase or agreement to purchase.

Deceased or insolvent persons; partnerships and corporations

Whenever such merchandise is consigned to a deceased person, or to an insolvent person who has assigned the same for the benefit of his creditors, the executor or administrator, or the assignee of such person or trustee in a case under title 11, shall be considered as the importer of record; when consigned to a partnership the declaration of one of the partners only shall be required, and when consigned to a corporation such declaration may be made by any officer of such corporation. Whether the importer of record is an individual, a partnership, or a corporation, the declaration may be made by any person who has knowledge of the facts and who is specifically authorized by such individual, a member of such partnership, or an officer of such corporation to make such declaration.

Exported merchandise returned as undeliverable

With respect to any importation of merchandise to which General Headnote 4(e) of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States applies, any person who gained any benefit from, or met any obligation to, the United States as a result of the prior exportation of such merchandise shall, in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary, within a reasonable time inform the Customs Service of the return of the merchandise.

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