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§ 1506.
Allowance for abandonment and damage
Allowance shall be made in the estimation and liquidation of duties under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury in the following cases:
Abandonment within thirty days

Where the importer abandons to the United States, within thirty days after entry in the case of merchandise released without an examination, or within thirty days after the release in the case of merchandise sent to the Customs Service for examination, any imported merchandise representing 5 per centum or more of the total value of all the merchandise of the same class or kind entered in the invoice or entry in which the item appears, and delivers, within the applicable thirty-day period, the portion so abandoned to such place as the Customs Service directs unless the Customs Service is satisfied that the merchandise is so far destroyed as to be nondeliverable;

Perishable merchandise, condemned

Where fruit or other perishable merchandise has been condemned at the port of entry, within ten days after landing, by the health officers or other legally constituted authorities, and the consignee, within five days after such condemnation, files, electronically or otherwise, with the Customs Service notice thereof, an invoiced description and the location thereof, and the name of the vessel or vehicle in which imported.

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