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§ 1339.
Trade Remedy Assistance Office
Establishment; public information
There is established in the Commission a separate office to be known as the Trade Remedy Assistance Office which shall provide full information to the public upon request and shall, to the extent feasible, provide assistance and advice to interested parties concerning—
remedies and benefits available under the trade laws, and
the petition and application procedures, and the appropriate filing dates, with respect to such remedies and benefits.
Procedural assistance by Office and other agencies
The Trade Remedy Assistance Office, in coordination with each agency responsible for administering a trade law, shall provide technical and legal assistance and advice to eligible small businesses to enable them—
to prepare and file petitions and applications (other than those which, in the opinion of the Office, are frivolous); and
to seek to obtain the remedies and benefits available under the trade laws, including any administrative review or administrative appeal thereunder.
For purposes of this section—
The term “eligible small business” means any business concern which, in the agency’s judgment, due to its small size, has neither adequate internal resources nor financial ability to obtain qualified outside assistance in preparing and filing petitions and applications for remedies and benefits under trade laws. In determining whether a business concern is an “eligible small business”, the agency may consult with the Small Business Administration, and shall consult with any other agency that has provided assistance under subsection (b) to that business concern. An agency decision regarding whether a business concern is an eligible small business for purposes of this section is not reviewable by any other agency or by any court.
The term “trade laws” means—
chapter 1 of title II of the Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2251 et seq., relating to injury caused by import competition);
chapters 2 and 3 of such title II [19 U.S.C. 2271 et seq., 2341 et seq.] (relating to adjustment assistance for workers and firms);
chapter 1 of title III of the Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2411 et seq., relating to relief from foreign import restrictions and export subsidies);
subtitle IV of this chapter (relating to the imposition of countervailing duties and antidumping duties);
section 1862 of this title (relating to the safeguarding of national security); and
section 1337 of this title (relating to unfair practices in import trade).
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