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§ 3922c.
Integration of foreign economic policy
In general
The Secretary, in conjunction with the Under Secretary of Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, shall establish—
foreign economic policy priorities for each regional bureau, including for individual countries, as appropriate; and
policies and guidance for integrating such foreign economic policy priorities throughout the Department.
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Within each regional bureau of the Department, the Secretary shall task an existing Deputy Assistant Secretary with appropriate training and background in economic and commercial affairs with the responsibility for economic matters and interests within the responsibilities of each such regional bureau, including the integration of the foreign economic policy priorities established pursuant to subsection (a).

The Secretary shall establish curriculum at the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center to develop the practical foreign economic policy expertise and skill sets of Foreign Service officers, including by making available distance-learning courses in commercial, economic, and business affairs, including in the following:
The global business environment.
The economics of development.
Development and infrastructure finance.
Current trade and investment agreements negotiations.
Implementing existing multilateral and World Trade Organization agreements, and United States trade and investment agreements.
Best practices for customs and export procedures.
Market analysis and global supply chain management.
(Pub. L. 114–323, title IV, § 406, Dec. 16, 2016, 130 Stat. 1929.)
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