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§ 1674.
Leases with Indian tribes
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary is authorized, in carrying out the purposes of this chapter, to enter into leases with Indian tribes for periods not in excess of twenty years. Property leased by the Secretary from an Indian tribe may be reconstructed or renovated by the Secretary pursuant to an agreement with such Indian tribe.
The Secretary may enter into leases, contracts, and other legal agreements with Indian tribes or tribal organizations which hold—
title to;
a leasehold interest in; or
a beneficial interest in (where title is held by the United States in trust for the benefit of a tribe);
facilities used for the administration and delivery of health services by the Service or by programs operated by Indian tribes or tribal organizations to compensate such Indian tribes or tribal organizations for costs associated with the use of such facilities for such purposes. Such costs include rent, depreciation based on the useful life of the building, principal and interest paid or accrued, operation and maintenance expenses, and other expenses determined by regulation to be allowable.
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cite as: 25 USC 1674