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§ 6719.
Reports by Secretary to Congress.—
Before June 2 of each year prior to 2002, the Secretary personally shall report to the Congress on—
the status and operation of the Local Government Fiscal Assistance Fund during the prior fiscal year; and
the administration of this chapter, including a complete and detailed analysis of—
actions taken to comply with sections 6711 through 6715, including a description of the kind and extent of noncompliance and the status of pending complaints;
the extent to which units of general local government receiving payments under this chapter have complied with the requirements of this chapter;
the way in which payments under this chapter have been distributed in the jurisdictions receiving payments; and
significant problems in carrying out this chapter and recommendations for legislation to remedy the problems.
Reports by Units of General Local Government to Secretary.—
In general.—
At the end of each fiscal year, each unit of general local government which received a payment under this chapter for the fiscal year shall submit a report to the Secretary. The report shall be submitted in the form and at a time prescribed by the Secretary and shall be available to the public for inspection. The report shall state—
the amounts and purposes for which the payment has been appropriated, expended, or obligated in the fiscal year;
the relationship of the payment to the relevant functional items in the budget of the government; and
the differences between the actual and proposed use of the payment.
Availability of report.—
The Secretary shall provide a copy of a report submitted under paragraph (1) by a unit of general local government to the chief executive officer of the State in which the government is located. The Secretary shall provide the report in the manner and form prescribed by the Secretary.
(Added Pub. L. 103–322, title III, § 31001(a), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1879.)
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