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§ 550.
Report on water terminal and transfer facilities
The Chief of Engineers, United States Army, shall indicate in his annual reports the character of the terminal and transfer facilities existing on every harbor or waterway under maintenance or improvement by the United States, and state whether they are considered adequate for existing commerce. He shall also submit one or more special reports on this subject, as soon as possible after January 18, 1918, including, among other things, the following:
A brief description of such water terminals, including location and the suitability of such terminals to the existing traffic conditions, and whether such terminals are publicly or privately owned, and the terms and conditions under which they may be subjected to public use.
Whether such water terminals are connected by a belt or spur line of railroad with all the railroads serving the same territory or municipality, and whether such connecting railroad is owned by the public and the conditions upon which the same may be used, and also whether there is an interchange of traffic between the water carriers and the railroad or railroads as to such traffic which is carried partly by rail and partly by water to its destination, and also whether improved and adequate highways have been constructed connecting such water terminal with the other lines of highways.
If no water terminals have been constructed by the municipality or other existing public agency there shall be included in his report an expression of opinion in general terms as to the necessity, number, and appropriate location of such a terminal or terminals.
An investigation of the general subject of water terminals, with descriptions and general plans of terminals of appropriate types and construction for the harbors and waterways of the United States suitable for various commercial purposes and adapted to the varying conditions of tides, floods, and other physical characteristics.
(July 18, 1918, ch. 155, § 7, 40 Stat. 911.)
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