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§ 8136.
Recapture provisions
If, within the 20-year period beginning on the date of the approval by the Secretary of the final architectural and engineering inspection of any project with respect to which a grant has been made under this subchapter (except that the Secretary, pursuant to regulations which the Secretary shall prescribe, may at the time of such grant provide for a shorter period than 20, but not less than seven, years, based on the magnitude of the project and the grant amount involved, in the case of the acquisition, expansion, remodeling, or alteration of existing facilities), the facilities covered by the project cease to be operated by a State, a State home, or an agency or instrumentality of a State principally for furnishing domiciliary, nursing home, or hospital care to veterans, the United States shall be entitled to recover from the State which was the recipient of the grant under this subchapter, or from the then owner of such facilities, 65 percent of the then value of such project (but in no event an amount greater than the amount of assistance provided under this subchapter), as determined by agreement of the parties or by action brought in the district court of the United States for the district in which such facilities are situated.
The establishment and operation by the Secretary of an outpatient clinic in facilities described in subsection (a) shall not constitute grounds entitling the United States to any recovery under that subsection.
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