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§ 8154.
Exchange of medical information
The Secretary is authorized to enter into agreements with medical schools, hospitals, research centers, and individual members of the medical profession under which medical information and techniques will be freely exchanged and the medical information services of all parties to the agreement will be available for use by any party to the agreement under conditions specified in the agreement. In carrying out the purposes of this section, the Secretary shall utilize recent developments in electronic equipment to provide a close educational, scientific, and professional link between Department hospitals and major medical centers. Such agreements shall be utilized by the Secretary to the maximum extent practicable to create, at each Department hospital which is a part of any such agreement, an environment of academic medicine which will help such hospital attract and retain highly trained and qualified members of the medical profession.
In order to bring about utilization of all medical information in the surrounding medical community, particularly in remote areas, and to foster and encourage the widest possible cooperation and consultation among all members of the medical profession in such community, the educational facilities and programs established at Department hospitals and the electronic link to medical centers shall be made available for use by the surrounding medical community (including State home facilities furnishing domiciliary, nursing home, or hospital care to veterans). The Secretary may charge a fee for such services (on annual or like basis) at rates which the Secretary determines, after appropriate study, to be fair and equitable. The financial status of any user of such services shall be taken into consideration by the Secretary in establishing the amount of the fee to be paid. Any proceeds to the Government received therefrom shall be credited to the applicable Department medical appropriation.
The Secretary is authorized to enter into agreements with public and nonprofit private institutions, organizations, corporations, and other entities in order to participate in cooperative health-care personnel education programs within the geographical area of any Department health-care facility located in an area remote from major academic health centers.
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