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§ 600c.
Nonreimbursable costs
Construction, operation, and maintenance costs

Notwithstanding any recommendations in the report mentioned in section 600b of this title to the contrary, only the costs of construction allocable to flood control and, upon approval by the President of a suitable plan thereof, to the preservation and propagation of fish and wildlife, and operation and maintenance costs allocable to the same purposes, shall be nonreimbursable.

Conditions precedent to construction

Actual construction of the project herein authorized shall not be commenced, and no construction contract awarded therefor, until (1) the Congress shall have consented to the interstate compact between the States of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas agreed upon by the Canadian River Compact Commission at Santa Fe, New Mexico, December 6, 1950, in conformity with Public Law 491, Eighty-first Congress, and (2) repayment of that portion of the actual cost of constructing the project which is allocated to municipal and industrial water supply and of interest on the unamortized balance thereof at a rate (which rate shall be certified by the Secretary of the Treasury) equal to the average rate paid by the United States on its long-term loans outstanding at the time the repayment contract is negotiated minus the amount of such net revenues as may be derived from temporary water supply contracts or from other sources prior to the close of the repayment period, shall have been assured by a contract satisfactory to the Secretary, with one central repayment contract organization, the term of which shall not exceed fifty years from the date of completion of the municipal and industrial water supply features of the project as determined by the Secretary.

Repayment contract

The repayment contract shall provide, among other things, (1) that the holder thereof shall have a first right, to which right the rights of the holders of any other type of contract shall be subordinate, to a stated share or quantity of the project’s available water supply for use by its constituent industrial and municipal water users during the repayment period and a permanent right to such share or quantity thereafter subject to payment of such costs as may be incurred by the United States in its operation and maintenance of any part of the project works; (2) that, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, the care, operation, and maintenance of such portions of the pipeline and related facilities as are used solely for delivering such water to the contract holder and its constituent organizations shall, as soon as is practicable after completion of the municipal and industrial water supply features of the project, pass to the contract holder or to an organization which is designated by it for that purpose and which is satisfactory to the Secretary; and (3) that title to such portions of the pipeline and related facilities shall in like manner pass to the contract holder or its designee or designees upon payment to the United States of all obligations arising under sections 600b and 600c of this title or incurred in connection with the project.

(Dec. 29, 1950, ch. 1183, § 2, 64 Stat. 1124.)
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