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§ 2581.
Defense Environmental Cleanup Account

There is hereby established in the Treasury of the United States for the Department of Energy an account to be known as the “Defense Environmental Cleanup Account” (hereafter in this section referred to as the “Account”).

Amounts in Account

All sums appropriated to the Department of Energy for defense environmental cleanup at defense nuclear facilities shall be credited to the Account. Such appropriations shall be authorized annually by law. To the extent provided in appropriations Acts, amounts in the Account shall remain available until expended.

(Pub. L. 107–314, div. D, title XLIV, § 4401, formerly Pub. L. 102–190, div. C, title XXXI, § 3134, Dec. 5, 1991, 105 Stat. 1575; renumbered Pub. L. 107–314, div. D, title XLIV, § 4401, by Pub. L. 108–136, div. C, title XXXI, § 3141(g)(2), Nov. 24, 2003, 117 Stat. 1764; Pub. L. 113–66, div. C, title XXXI, § 3146(e)(1), Dec. 26, 2013, 127 Stat. 1075.)
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