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§ 3048.
Detail of intelligence community personnel—Intelligence Community Assignment Program
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the head of a department with an element in the intelligence community or the head of an intelligence community agency or element may detail any employee within that department, agency, or element to serve in any position in the Intelligence Community Assignment Program on a reimbursable or a nonreimbursable basis.
Nonreimbursable details may be for such periods as are agreed to between the heads of the parent and host agencies, up to a maximum of three years, except that such details may be extended for a period not to exceed one year when the heads of the parent and host agencies determine that such extension is in the public interest.
Benefits, allowances, travel, incentives
An employee detailed under subsection (a) may be authorized any benefit, allowance, travel, or incentive otherwise provided to enhance staffing by the organization from which the employee is detailed.
The head of an agency of an employee detailed under subsection (a) may pay a lodging allowance for the employee subject to the following conditions:
The allowance shall be the lesser of the cost of the lodging or a maximum amount payable for the lodging as established jointly by the Director of National Intelligence and—
with respect to detailed employees of the Department of Defense, the Secretary of Defense; and
with respect to detailed employees of other agencies and departments, the head of such agency or department.
The detailed employee maintains a primary residence for the employee’s immediate family in the local commuting area of the parent agency duty station from which the employee regularly commuted to such duty station before the detail.
The lodging is within a reasonable proximity of the host agency duty station.
The distance between the detailed employee’s parent agency duty station and the host agency duty station is greater than 20 miles.
The distance between the detailed employee’s primary residence and the host agency duty station is 10 miles greater than the distance between such primary residence and the employees parent duty station.
The rate of pay applicable to the detailed employee does not exceed the rate of basic pay for grade GS–15 of the General Schedule.
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