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§ 103101.
Availability and use of appropriations
Credits of Receipts for Meals and Quarters Furnished Federal Government Employees in the Field.—
Cash collections and payroll deductions made for meals and quarters furnished by the Service to employees of the Federal Government in the field and to cooperating agencies may be credited as a reimbursement to the current appropriation for the administration of the System unit in which the accommodations are furnished.
Availability for Expense of Recording Donated Land.—
Appropriations made for the Service shall be available for any expenses incident to the preparation and recording of title evidence covering land to be donated to the United States for administration by the Service.
Use of Funds for Law Enforcement and Emergencies.—
In general.—
Funds, not to exceed $250,000 per incident, available to the Service may be used, with the approval of the Secretary, to—
maintain law and order in emergency and other unforeseen law enforcement situations; and
conduct emergency search and rescue operations in the System.
Replenishment of funds.—
If the Secretary expends funds under paragraph (1), the funds shall be replenished by a supplemental appropriation for which the Secretary shall make a request as promptly as possible.
Contribution for Annuity Benefits.—
In general.—
Necessary amounts are appropriated for reimbursement, pursuant to the Policemen and Firemen’s Retirement and Disability Act amendments of 1957 (Public Law 85–157, 71 Stat. 391), to the District of Columbia on a monthly basis for benefit payments by the District of Columbia to United States Park Police annuitants under section 12 of the Policemen and Firemen’s Retirement and Disability Act (ch. 433, 39 Stat. 718), to the extent that those payments exceed contributions made by active Park Police members covered under the Policemen and Firemen’s Retirement and Disability Act.
Nonavailability of appropriations to the service.—
Appropriations made to the Service are not available for the purpose of making reimbursements under paragraph (1).
Waterproof Footwear.—
Appropriations for the Service that are available for the purchase of equipment may be used for purchase of waterproof footwear, which shall be regarded and listed as System equipment.
(Pub. L. 113–287, § 3, Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3163.)
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