United States Code

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§ 3581.
For the purpose of this subchapter—
“agency” means—
an Executive agency;
a military department; and
an employing authority in the legislative branch;
“employee” means an employee in or under an agency;
“international organization” means a public international organization or international-organization preparatory commission in which the Government of the United States participates;
“transfer” means the change of position by an employee from an agency to an international organization; and
“reemployment” means—
the reemployment of an employee under section 3582(b) of this title; or
the reemployment of a Congressional employee within 90 days from his separation from an international organization;
following a term of employment not extending beyond the period named by the head of the agency at the time of consent to transfer or, in the absence of a named period, not extending beyond the first 5 consecutive years, or any extension thereof, after entering the employ of the international organization.
(Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 429; Pub. L. 91–175, pt. V, § 502(b), Dec. 30, 1969, 83 Stat. 825; Pub. L. 94–183, § 2(9), Dec. 31, 1975, 89 Stat. 1057.)
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