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§ 5382.
Establishment of rates of pay for the Senior Executive Service
Subject to regulations prescribed by the Office of Personnel Management, there shall be established a range of rates of basic pay for the Senior Executive Service, and each senior executive shall be paid at one of the rates within the range, based on individual performance, contribution to the agency’s performance, or both, as determined under a rigorous performance management system. The lowest rate of the range shall not be less than the minimum rate of basic pay payable under section 5376, and the highest rate, for any position under this system or an equivalent system as determined by the President’s Pay Agent designated under section 5304(d), shall not exceed the rate for level III of the Executive Schedule. The payment of the rates shall not be subject to the pay limitation of section 5306(e) or 5373.
Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a), the applicable maximum shall be level II of the Executive Schedule for any agency that is certified under section 5307 as having a performance appraisal system which, as designed and applied, makes meaningful distinctions based on relative performance.
No employee may suffer a reduction in pay by reason of transfer from an agency with an applicable maximum rate of pay prescribed under subsection (b) to an agency with an applicable maximum rate of pay prescribed under subsection (a).
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