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§ 3222d.
Matching funds requirement for research and extension activities at eligible institutions
In this section:
Eligible institution

The term “eligible institution” means a college eligible to receive funds under the Act of August 30, 1890 (7 U.S.C. 321 et seq.) (commonly known as the “Second Morrill Act”), including Tuskegee University.

Formula funds

The term “formula funds” means the formula allocation funds distributed to eligible institutions under sections 3221 and 3222 of this title.

Determination of non-Federal sources of funds
Not later than September 30, 1999, each eligible institution shall submit to the Secretary a report describing for fiscal year 1999—
the sources of non-Federal funds made available by the State to the eligible institution for agricultural research, extension, and education to meet the requirements of this section; and
the amount of such funds generally available from each source.
Matching formula

Notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter, the State shall provide equal matching funds from non-Federal sources.

Waiver authority

Notwithstanding subsection (f), the Secretary may waive the matching funds requirement under subsection (c) above the 50 percent level for any fiscal year for an eligible institution of a State if the Secretary determines that the State will be unlikely to satisfy the matching requirement.

Use of matching funds

Under terms and conditions established by the Secretary, matching funds provided as required by subsection (c) may be used by an eligible institution for agricultural research, extension, and education activities.

Redistribution of funds
Redistribution required

Federal funds that are not matched by a State in accordance with subsection (c) for a fiscal year shall be redistributed by the Secretary to eligible institutions whose States have satisfied the matching funds requirement for that fiscal year.


Any redistribution of funds under this subsection shall be subject to the applicable matching requirement specified in subsection (c) and shall be made in a manner consistent with sections 3221 and 3222 of this title, as determined by the Secretary.

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