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§ 2003.
The Postal Service Fund
There is established in the Treasury of the United States a revolving fund to be called the Postal Service Fund which shall be available to the Postal Service without fiscal-year limitation to carry out the purposes, functions, and powers authorized by this title (other than any of the purposes, functions, or powers for which the Competitive Products Fund is available).
Except as otherwise provided in section 2011, there shall be deposited in the Fund, subject to withdrawal by check by the Postal Service—
revenues from postal and nonpostal services rendered by the Postal Service;
amounts received from obligations issued by the Postal Service;
amounts appropriated for the use of the Postal Service;
interest which may be earned on investments of the Fund;
any other receipts of the Postal Service;
the balance in the Post Office Department Fund established under former section 2202 of title 39 as of the commencement of operations of the Postal Service;
amounts (including proceeds from the sale of forfeited items) from any civil forfeiture conducted by the Postal Service;
any transfers from the Secretary of the Treasury from the Department of the Treasury Forfeiture Fund which shall be available to the Postmaster General only for Federal law enforcement related purposes; and
any amounts collected under section 3018.
If the Postal Service determines that the moneys of the Fund are in excess of current needs, it may request the investment of such amounts as it deems advisable by the Secretary of the Treasury in obligations of, or obligations guaranteed by, the Government of the United States, and, with the approval of the Secretary, in such other obligations or securities as it deems appropriate.
With the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Postal Service may deposit moneys of the Fund in any Federal Reserve bank, any depository for public funds, or in such other places and in such manner as the Postal Service and the Secretary may mutually agree.
The Fund shall be available for the payment of (A) all expenses incurred by the Postal Service in carrying out its functions as provided by law, subject to the same limitation as set forth in the parenthetical matter under subsection (a); (B) all expenses of the Postal Regulatory Commission, pursuant to section 504(d); and (C) all expenses of the Office of Inspector General, subject to the availability of amounts appropriated under section 415(f) of title 5. The Postmaster General shall transfer from the Fund to the Secretary of the Treasury for deposit in the Department of the Treasury Forfeiture Fund amounts appropriate to reflect the degree of participation of Department of the Treasury law enforcement organizations (described in section 9705(o) of title 31) in the law enforcement effort resulting in the forfeiture pursuant to laws enforced or administered by the Postal Service. Neither the Fund nor any of the funds credited to it shall be subject to apportionment under the provisions of subchapter II of chapter 15 of title 31.
Funds appropriated to the Postal Service under section 2401 of this title shall be apportioned as provided in this paragraph. From the total amounts appropriated to the Postal Service for any fiscal year under the authorizations contained in section 2401 of this title, the Secretary of the Treasury shall make available to the Postal Service 25 percent of such amount at the beginning of each quarter of such fiscal year.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, any amounts appropriated to the Postal Service under subsection (d) of section 2401 of this title and deposited into the Fund shall be expended by the Postal Service only for the purposes provided in such subsection.
Notwithstanding any provision of section 8147 of title 5, whenever the Secretary of Labor furnishes a statement to the Postal Service indicating an amount due from the Postal Service under subsection (b) of that section, the Postal Service shall make the deposit required pursuant to that statement (and any additional payment under subsection (c) of that section, to the extent that it relates to the period covered by such statement) not later than 30 days after the date on which such statement is so furnished. Any deposit (and any additional payment) which is subject to the preceding sentence shall, once made, remain available without fiscal year limitation.
Liabilities of the former Post Office Department to the Employees’ Compensation Fund (appropriations for which were authorized by former section 2004, as in effect before the effective date of this subsection) shall be liabilities of the Postal Service payable out of the Fund.
(Pub. L. 91–375, Aug. 12, 1970, 84 Stat. 739; Pub. L. 94–421, § 2(c), Sept. 24, 1976, 90 Stat. 1304;
cite as: 39 USC 2003