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§ 460rrr–5.
Administration of Natural Area
In general
The Secretary shall administer the Federal land in the Natural Area—
in accordance with—
the laws (including regulations) applicable to public land; and
the management plan; and
in a manner that provides for—
the conservation, restoration, and protection of the natural, historic, scientific, scenic, wildlife, and recreational resources of the Natural Area;
the continued use of the Natural Area for purposes of education, scientific study, and limited public recreation in a manner that does not substantially impair the purposes for which the Natural Area is established;
the protection of the wildlife habitat of the Natural Area;
a prohibition on the construction of water storage facilities in the Natural Area; and
the reduction in the use of or removal of roads in the Natural Area and, to the maximum extent practicable, the reduction in or prohibition against the use of motorized vehicles in the Natural Area (including the removal of roads and a prohibition against motorized use on Federal land in the area on the western side of the Rio Grande River from Lobatos Bridge south to the New Mexico State line).
Changes in streamflow

The Secretary is encouraged to negotiate with the State of Colorado, the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, and affected water users in the State to determine if changes in the streamflow that are beneficial to the Natural Area may be accommodated.

Private land

The management plan prepared under section 460rrr–4(b)(2)(A) of this title shall apply to private land in the Natural Area only to the extent that the private landowner agrees in writing to be bound by the management plan.

Subject to valid existing rights, all Federal land in the Natural Area is withdrawn from—
all forms of entry, appropriation, or disposal under the public land laws;
location, entry, and patent under the mining laws; and
disposition under the mineral leasing laws (including geothermal leasing laws).
Acquisition of land
In general

The Secretary may acquire from willing sellers by purchase, exchange, or donation land or an interest in land in the Natural Area.

Applicable law

Section 1276(d)(1) of this title shall not apply to the Natural Area.

(Pub. L. 109–337, § 7, Oct. 12, 2006, 120 Stat. 1780.)
cite as: 16 USC 460rrr-5