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§ 460rrr–6.
Nothing in this subchapter—
amends, modifies, or is in conflict with the Rio Grande Compact, consented to by Congress in the Act of May 31, 1939 (53 Stat. 785, ch. 155);
authorizes the regulation of private land in the Natural Area;
authorizes the imposition of any mandatory streamflow requirements;
creates an express or implied Federal reserved water right;
imposes any Federal water quality standard within or upstream of the Natural Area that is more restrictive than would be applicable had the Natural Area not been established; or
prevents the State of Colorado from acquiring an instream flow through the Natural Area under the terms, conditions, and limitations of State law to assist in protecting the natural environment to the extent and for the purposes authorized by State law.
(Pub. L. 109–337, § 8, Oct. 12, 2006, 120 Stat. 1781.)
cite as: 16 USC 460rrr-6